The Sponsored Research Unit is managed by Tamar Gibor who holds a master's degree in public health and has been working at the SCRC for over a decade, managing more than 80 clinical trials annually.

The sponsored research unit collaborates with major pharmaceutical companies and CROs, including IQVIA, PRA, ROCHE, BAYER and others.

The sponsored research team includes:

  • 15 study coordinators, who are in direct contact with the companies, the medical staff, and the patients.
  • Phlebotomists, who collect and process biological samples, take vital signs and perform ECG
  • IRB (ethics committee) Submissions Coordinator CTAs who assist in the administrative aspects of the research
  • Research financing coordinators, who are responsible for the financial aspects of the research

A new area of research currently being developed is cell therapy, with Dr. Uri Greenbaum overseeing the establishment of a local laboratory and connecting with potential trials.

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