To start an academic project, all you need is to fill out our form with details such as the topic of your project, the principal investigator (if you have someone in mind), and the project's stage.

For a sponsor-initiated project, please contact us via email at

Please contact our IRB submission coordinator at for further assistance.

We are happy to provide assistance to young physicians in their academic research endeavors. Therefore, if you have an unfunded academic project, we would be glad to support you at no cost.

We have access to data on population insured by Clalit Health Services and residing in the Southern district. Access to national data is subject to the approval of a national data committee.

The preliminary test is performed free of charge, as an initial and preliminary step (prior to receiving the Helsinki approvals and contracts). The test will include an estimation on the number of patients with records in the available databases corresponding to definitions provided by a researcher (e.g., a certain diagnosis / certain laboratory values, etc.). Answers are delivered within three business days to the applicant's email.

Yes, we provide extensive analysis services that include descriptive statistics, multivariable analysis, predictions, and more.

Yes, as part of an agreement between Soroka and the Faculty of Medicine in Ben Gurion, each year support will be given to 20 first projects led by doctors from Soroka.

Yes, every intern at Soroka is eligible for support in completing basic science internships.

Yes, each researcher at Soroka may receive support for up to 5 retrospective studies at any given moment. Funded projects will not be included in the count.

Yes, we collaborate in product development and setting up a  site for testing new technologies..

Yes, our center specializes in setting up clinical trials for the examination of pharmacological products, medical devices etc

The center specializes in researching climate effects on health, biobanking, aggregated clinical and other disciplines data and more