Soroka Clinical Research Center (SCRC) was founded in 2009 by a small group of researchers and enthusiasts led by Prof. Victor Novack. The group aimed to create an infrastructure for clinicians at Soroka University Medical Center (Soroka) to perform clinical research and generate long lasting collaborations with academia and industry.

SCRC has become a leading entity in promoting clinical research at Soroka and at national and international levels due to our extensive experience in study execution and clinical monitoring, and providing state-of-the art epidemiological and statistical support.

We have more than 70 employees including project managers, data analysts, research assistants, statisticians, epidemiologists, technical staff, and more.

Since its opening, the SCRC has taken part in over 300 research projects involving more than 150 Soroka clinicians and Ben Gurion University of the Negev researchers, resulting in more than 500 scientific publications.


Soroka University Medical Center is home to the SCRC. It offers exceptional opportunities for research and incorporation of new scientific findings into routine medical practice. It is the third largest hospital in Israel, and the only tertiary hospital that serves over one million people residing in the Negev region.

The Negev region constitutes 60% of the geographic country with a population over one million residence living in cities, congregations, and rural settlements. The population is ethnically diverse characterized by unique health characteristics and a wide range of socioeconomic rankings.