The Research Data Unit team consists of data analysts, computational researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and life science researchers. The diversity, versatile knowledge, and experience of our team enables us to support and conduct both retrospective and prospective clinical data studies

The unit has access to Soroka's data warehouse and Clalit Health Services national databases. These data sources contain information on treatments, laboratory results, medications, procedures, visits to outpatient clinics, primary care clinics, hospitalizations and more. Integrating clinical data from various sources allows us to attain more impactful and significant results.

By utilizing this infrastructure and capabilities, the data unit offers the following services:

Retrospective studies:
In retrospective studies, diverse patient groups can be compared and assessed for one or multiple outcomes.

  • Data extraction and analysis tailored to the specific investigator needs.
  • Manual evaluation of study results by data analyst and clinician to form summarizing patient-based databases and statistical analysis.
  • Summarization of study results, defining conclusions, and preparing all necessary materials for publication.

Prospective studies:
Besides retrospective studies, the Research Data Unit also assists with questionnaire studies and prospective interventional studies. We help streamline the process of gathering information from various sources such as hospital medical records, primary care databases, laboratory results, and others, to ensure the completion of a field study.

Feasibility testing:
Feasibility testing is the initial phase of any new innovation or R&D project. This preliminary test assesses the population size that can be analyzed for relevant study objectives. The data unit and researcher work together to examine potential combinations of diagnoses, procedures, lab results, treatments, and medications stratified by demographic factors such as age and gender. With this initial data, researchers can design a more precise clinical trial. The data unit, in partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority, offers a FREE feasibility test to researchers. To initiate one, please fill out the form at

Data accessibility services:
We collaborate with R&D projects, including life sciences, drug development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to make data accessible to potential users. The data unit helps with the required paperwork, obtains approval from regulatory committees, performs data extraction, and provides secure access to the data via platforms.